british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - People and culture goals and commitments

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Sustainability Report 2011

Our people and culture commitment

We will work to ensure we have the right people and culture to meet our goals.

2012 goals

  • In each of our business units, we aim to have at least one local successor ready in the short term for each senior position and two local successors ready in the long term (this goal is expressed as 1:1:2);
  • Aim to have a 70:30 ratio of local to expatriate senior managers at business unit level; 
  • Review our approach to employee wellbeing to establish how it can contribute to improved employee engagement by end 2012;
  • Revise our employee opinion survey to strengthen our feedback culture and be better aligned to business priorities, with the revised survey to be carried out Group-wide by end 2012; and
  • Our global aim is to have a Lost Workday Case Incident Rate of no more than 0.2 by end 2012. The local target set for all our companies is zero accidents and we have a zero accidents ambition for the whole Group.


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