british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - Viewpoint from our Group Human Resources Director

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Sustainability Report 2011
Giovanni Giordano, Group Human Resources Director

Having a talented workforce has become one of the most critical factors in our industry, arguably even more so than technology or capital. Our talented people are an indispensable element in competitive advantage.

We’re focusing on driving high performance, encouraging greater productivity, building on the excellence of our people to increase our competitive advantage and strengthening our culture and values.

Looking after the fundamentals is equally important: like having a safe workplace, protecting our employees’ wellbeing and listening to their views. This is all part of  maintaining a culture founded on exceptional commitment and deep personal responsibility.

What's the issue?

To achieve the goals we set for our business we need a strong workforce – from securing our supply of tobacco leaf to delivering high quality products to our consumers. We can only maintain a strong workforce if we nurture our people and bring them up through the business.

We value our employees’ diverse perspectives, encourage them to perform to their best ability and look after them well, particularly during periods of business change. In short, we want a stretching and supportive culture that attracts, engages and retains diverse and talented people.


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