british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - Managing biodiversity

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Sustainability Report 2011

The success of our business now and in the future depends on biodiversity. Biodiversity provides resources like clean water, healthy soils and timber. Business has a responsibility to minimise its negative impact on biodiversity, as species and communities also depend on these resources.

Managing biodiversityBiodiversity risk and opportunity assessments

In 2010, biodiversity risk and opportunity assessments were completed in all our tobacco leaf growing operations. These assessments help us to identify, assess and address risks arising from our impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystems in and around our leaf growing areas. By the end of 2011, initiatives had been put in place to address the issues identified.



Since 2001, we have worked with three NGOs in the British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership: Fauna & Flora International, the Tropical Biology Association and Earthwatch Institute. The Partnership seeks to address some of the challenging issues surrounding the conservation and management of biodiversity within agricultural landscapes and the ecosystems on which we depend. See Opens in new window

We make sure that the assessments and the actions taken encourage cooperation with local stakeholders and don’t just focus on tobacco. Collaboration with the people living and working in the agricultural landscapes or organisations like our Biodiversity Partnership or local NGOs is often required for these initiatives.

Examples of initiatives underway are replanting trees to address water supply issues in a watershed catchment of the Indonesian island of Lombok and a Ugandan project to restore and manage forest and freshwater health. You can read a case study on the Indonesia project here.

In 2011, we revised the biodiversity risk and opportunity assessment tool with our Biodiversity Partnership. The revised version of the tool should give us a more consistent approach to the assessments across the globe. This will be rolled out to our tobacco growing operations in 2012 and the next round of assessments will be completed by the end of 2014. We also plan to share the assessment tool with other tobacco and agricultural businesses to encourage them to adopt a similar approach.

Biodiversity projects

As a business we focus on addressing our own biodiversity impacts and dependencies and those of our contracted farmers. But through our Biodiversity Partnership, we also address challenging biodiversity issues through projects with external stakeholders in the wider agricultural landscapes and ecosystems on which we depend. You can read about these projects in detail on the Partnership’s website: Opens in new window.


At present, we think that British American Tobacco is the only agricultural multinational to have conducted a biodiversity risk assessment of its global operations. This means it can base decisions on real on the ground circumstances of its leaf growing operations in a strategic manner.

Fauna & Flora International, Biodiversity Partner



Our Group Biodiversity Statement outlines our aim to embed biodiversity conservation across our business. It can be downloaded at Opens in new window
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