british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - People and culture

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Sustainability Report 2011

People and culture

What the future might look like

Competition for good people is likely to intensify as international companies increase their overseas footprint. Therefore, it will be critical for businesses to build a strong and clearly differentiated reputation as an employer.

Increasingly, people want to work for businesses with strong sustainability credentials, so we need to ensure that the Group continues to stand out in this area. Ensuring our workforce shares in the success of a sustainable business will help us attract the best people wherever we operate.

Giovanni Quote 
Having a talented workforce has become one of the most critical factors in our industry, arguably even more so than technology or capital. Our talented people are an indispensable element in competitive advantage. Giovanni Giordano, Group Human Resources Director

How we’re preparing for the future

  • Strengthening our core capabilities, our culture and our values.
  • Continuing to build robust succession plans.
  • Embracing the diversity of our workforce to encourage creativity and innovation.
  • Establishing clear principles and simple, effective tools to manage performance.
  • Streamlining our global human resources practices and eliminating duplication.
  • Improving our approach to the health, wellbeing and safety of our people. 

You ask us

Is it really feasible for you to continue to recruit talented employees in the future given that you sell cigarettes?

Do you have any questions or feedback on our approach to people and culture or other sustainability issues?

We will donate £10 to the Global Trees Campaign  Opens in new window for each of the first 200 responses we receive to the feedback survey.

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