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Sustainability Report 2011

Supply chain

What the future might look like

Supply chains have always needed to be flexible and agile. But there are increasing pressures to adapt faster than before: climate change, more competition and demand for greater business growth, to name a few.

The anticipated growth in demand for agricultural products is particularly relevant for us. As the global population expands and economic development generates more disposable incomes, there will be increased competition between crops for energy, land and water.

We also expect business to play a greater role in addressing social and environmental issues, through influence and public-private partnerships.

Des Quote 
It’s vital to ensure our supply chain is fit for purpose for the long term… Importantly our approach covers both our own operations and our wider supply chain… To me it’s clearly good business, as well as good stewardship. Des Naughton, Group Operations Director

How we’re preparing for the future

  • Protecting the long-term security of our tobacco leaf supply by encouraging sustainable agriculture based on multi-stakeholder partnerships.
  • Using our supply chain programmes and partnership projects with suppliers and third parties to protect the human rights of our suppliers, contracted farmers and local communities.
  • Working to help build an objective evidence base on the impacts of tobacco growing compared to other crops.
  • Listening to our Supply Chain Sustainability Stakeholder Panel’s guidance and challenge on our supply chain sustainability issues. 
  • Reducing environmental impacts in our operations and encouraging our suppliers to reduce theirs.

Our material issues



Our materiality test determines which topics are of the greatest significance to our business and stakeholders.

You ask us

Where fertile land is used to grow tobacco rather than food, doesn’t tobacco cultivation contribute directly to hunger and malnutrition?

Do you have any questions or feedback on our approach to supply chain management or other sustainability issues?

We will donate £10 to the Global Trees Campaign  Opens in new window for each of the first 200 responses we receive to the feedback survey.

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