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Sustainability Report 2011


What the future might look like

We expect to see more tobacco control regulation being introduced around the world. However, if the current trend for some regulation continues, such as excessive excise increases, plain packaging or ingredients bans, this may lead to a dramatic rise in the levels of illegal tobacco products. This could mean a future dominated by a black market that is untaxed and unregulated instead of a legitimate regulated industry generating significant revenue for governments.

However, we also expect to see more legislation to address this rising illegal tobacco trade, which we hope will help drive more international cooperation and stronger enforcement. This is a positive step but will only be effective if it is rigorously enforced both nationally and internationally and covers all players in the market.

Jean-Marc Quote 
The challenge I face in my role is this: how do we responsibly grow our business in an increasingly regulated environment?...We’d like to see regulation that is well thought through…And, of course, we continue to act responsibly in all that we do. Jean-Marc Lévy, Group Marketing Director

How we’re preparing for the future

  • Sharing objective evidence to help contribute to the policy debate on regulation, as well as supporting regulation for the development and sale of reduced-risk products.
  • Updating and strengthening adherence to our International Marketing Standards.
  • Collaborating with governments and enforcement authorities to help address the black market in tobacco and working with our competitors to develop new technologies to stop the unauthorised sale, re-sale or smuggling of our products.

Our material issues



Our materiality test determines which topics are of the greatest significance to our business and stakeholders.

You ask us

How can you say you support regulation when it must damage your business?

Do you have any questions or feedback on our approach to marketplace or other sustainability issues?

We will donate £10 to the Global Trees Campaign  Opens in new window for each of the first 200 responses we receive to the feedback survey.

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