british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - Sustainability and our business

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Sustainability Report 2011

Sustainability and our business

Our approach

In this Report, we focus on the five areas of our sustainability agenda – harm reduction, marketplace, environment, supply chain and people and culture – in each we focus on what the future might look like and how we’re preparing for it.

Our sustainability agenda aims to build value for our shareholders and other stakeholders by addressing our social, environmental and economic impacts. This means generating returns for our shareholders by doing the right thing by our stakeholders and the environment.

This concept of sustainable value underpins all our sustainability activities. By taking action to address our impacts today, we help our business thrive in the future.

Sustainable business practice is at the heart of the Group’s strategy. By addressing our social, environmental and economic impacts, we build value for the business, for our shareholders and for other stakeholders.

Chief Executive’s overview


Almost everything we do is preparing us for the future. That is why this Report focuses on what the future could look like and how we are preparing for it. Nicandro Durante, Chief Executive

Our Group vision and strategy

To achieve leadership of the global tobacco industry, not just in volume and value, but also in the quality of our business. To be industry leaders we must continue to demonstrate that we are a responsible tobacco Group with outstanding people, brands and superior products.

Our vision for sustainability

Our vision of a sustainable tobacco business is one that manages the impact of its operations and products responsibly today and prepares for a future in which it continues to create value for shareholders as well as being in the best interest of other stakeholders.

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Performance and assurance

We continue to report transparently on our progress against our goals and on our performance against key indicators. An independent review of our approach is also essential to support our commitment to continuous improvement.

88% overall score in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, placing us as industry leader

24 of our 2011 goals have been completed, eight are on track and seven are not met


Stakeholders' challenging questions

We answer some of the more challenging questions our stakeholders ask, such as "Can scientific research paid for by tobacco companies really be impartial?"


We will donate £10 to the Global Trees Campaign  Opens in new window for each of the first 200 responses to our feedback survey.

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