british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - British American Tobacco Sustainability Report 2011

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Sustainability Report 2011

Sustainable business practice is at the heart of the Group’s strategy. By addressing our social, environmental and economic impacts, we build value for the business, for our shareholders and for other stakeholders.

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Watch our video to find out what sustainability means to some of our employees and how they are addressing some of the key challenges for our business.

Our product

  • We are committed to reducing the health risks of our products, so our approach is to make available a range of reduced-risk tobacco and nicotine products for adult consumers.
  • We’ve established a stand-alone company, Nicoventures, to explore the development and commercialisation of regulatory approved nicotine products.
  • We seek to grow our market share, but we do this responsibly – our marketing activities are not aimed at the underage and not misleading about the health risks of tobacco products.
  • We are working to fight the black market in tobacco, such as through developing new technologies further secure the supply chain.


  • We support regulation based on sound evidence and are sharing objective evidence to help contribute to the policy debate on regulation.
  • To help contribute to the development of tobacco harm reduction policy, our Chief Scientific Officer sat on an expert panel of a workshop held by the US Food & Drug Administration on developing the scientific standards for the evaluation of modified risk tobacco products.
  • Where local laws aren’t as strict as our International Marketing Standards, we lobby for similar standards
  • We held a stakeholder dialogue on the opportunities of current and future carbon pricing mechanisms and carbon regulation. 

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainability and our business


What we're doing to prepare for the future

This Report focuses on the five areas of our sustainability agenda – harm reduction, marketplace, environment, supply chain and people and culture – in each of which we detail how we’re preparing for the future, as well as continuing to act responsibly today.

Our performance

Our perfomance summary

Regions and markets

Regions and markets




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Q Can scientific research paid for by tobacco companies really be impartial?
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Q How can you say you support regulation when it must damage your business?
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Q Doesn’t tobacco growing lead to a loss of biodiversity?
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Q Where fertile land is used to grow tobacco rather than food, doesn't tobacco cultivation contribute directly to hunger and malnutrition?
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Q Is it really feasible for you to continue to recruit talented employees in the future given that you sell cigarettes?
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