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Sustainability Report 2010

British American Tobacco is the world's second largest tobacco group by market share, with brands sold in more than 180 markets.

We have four global brands – Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall – and over 200 local brands in our portfolio. Our market positions are strong in each of our regions and we are the leading tobacco company in more than 50 markets. Our employees number more than 60,000 and we have 45 cigarette factories in 39 markets. In 2010, we sold 708 billion cigarettes and had an annual gross turnover of £43,855 million.

Our Group vision

To achieve leadership of the global tobacco industry. Our strategy

Our strategy

Our strategy to deliver our vision and build shareholder value is based on growth, funded by productivity and delivered by a winning organisation that acts responsibly at all times.

Growth: Our strategy for growth aims to increase our market share, with a focus on our global brands.

Productivity: Our commitment to productivity provides the resource we need to invest in our brands and grow share in our key markets, helping us to increase profit.

Winning organisation: Being a winning organisation ensures that we attract, develop and retain the people we need to deliver growth.

Responsibility: Our companies and people act responsibly at all times and we seek to reduce the harm caused by our products.

Our sustainability agenda

Our sustainability agenda is an integral part of delivering this strategy and comprises five goals. We will:

  • Strive to bring commercially viable, consumer acceptable reduced-risk products to market;
  • Take a lead in upholding high standards of corporate conduct within our marketplace;
  • Actively address the impacts of our business on the natural environment;
  • Work for positive social, environmental and economic impacts in our supply chain; and
  • Work to ensure we have the right people and culture to meet our goals.

Our global presence

Since our company was founded in 1902, we have become one of the world’s most internationally diverse tobacco groups, in terms of our locations and our multicultural workforce. In 2010, the Group was organised into five regions: Africa and Middle East, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. From 1 January 2011, these were reorganised into four regions, with the creation of the new Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Markets that previously comprised the Eastern Europe region have been merged into Western Europe and the new region.

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