british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2010 - Key activities of the CSR Committee in 2010

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Sustainability Report 2010

The CSR Committee held three scheduled meetings in 2010, and one additional meeting was held at the beginning of April to approve the Company’s annual Sustainability Report. The other specific items considered by it included:

CSR governance

  • Feedback and update reports from the regional audit and CSR committees.
  • An analysis of the results of the audit control checklist self-assessment exercise for the CSR controls.
  • A review of the key reputational risks identified in the Group Risk Register, the potential impacts and consequences of such risks and the current controls in place to address them.
  • A continuing review of the potential reputational impact arising from incidents of non-compliance with the Standards of Business Conduct.

CSR policies and compliance

  • Human rights and related issues, including a consideration of the challenges, risks and opportunities of operating in countries of potential concern to stakeholders and the measures and controls in place to mitigate risks.
  • Initiatives aimed at reducing the use of child labour in tobacco growing.
  • Youth smoking prevention initiatives.
  • Environmental, health and safety measures, including measures to improve safety culture behaviour throughout the Group.
  • Adherence to the Group’s International Marketing Standards.
  • Corporate social investment (CSI) activities and an improved approach to CSI spending, with fewer initiatives but an increased average spend per initiative, focused on the three themes of sustainable agriculture, empowerment and civic life.

Sustainability planning and reporting

  • A review of the CSR Strategy and the focus in 2010 of embedding sustainability into the Group’s functions and developing above-market centres of expertise to support the delivery of the sustainability agenda.
  • A review of the methodology for stakeholder mapping and classification and the steps taken since 2008 to simplify the system and reduce costs.
  • An assessment of the 2010 goals and commitments for sustainability reporting and progress made against the 2009 goals and commitments.
  • Ernst & Young’s Assurance Management report, including areas of potential improvement highlighted by them and the Company’s responses to these.

The CSR Committee will be reviewing comments made during the 2010 Board evaluation process in relation to its activities. Any additional actions relevant to its role and responsibilities will be reported back to the Board and implemented during 2011.