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Sustainability Report 2010

British American Tobacco Nigeria has two manufacturing sites, in Zaria and Ibadan, and its distribution network covers all parts of the country. The head office in Lagos also serves as the head office for our West Africa Area, which covers 26 countries.

The company operates five regional marketing offices and one leaf growing operation, which provides agronomy support to over 850 independent farmers. In 2010, the company purchased approximately 2,047 tonnes of leaf from these farmers.

British American Tobacco Nigeria employs over 800 people directly and indirectly supports approximately 1,000 people through its distribution partner. The company has a strong reputation for corporate social responsibility and sustainability in Nigeria and contributes significantly to the communities in which it operates, including N$108 million (£464,000) of corporate social investment in 2010.


Nigeria’s performance against some of our key measures can been seen in its balanced scorecard. The company has achieved the Group target of 100 per cent adherence to our International Marketing Standards. It has also outperformed the Group target by achieving a zero Lost Workday Case Incident Rate, which makes it the top-performing market, out of the nine featured, for this measure. In addition, Nigeria is the top-performing market, for gender diversity with the highest level of women in the four most senior management grades. For youth smoking prevention, the company is running two programmes focused on retail access prevention and education.

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