british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2010 - Driving sustainability initiatives in Malaysia

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Sustainability Report 2010

When the Group’s sustainability agenda was developed in 2007, British American Tobacco Malaysia started work to align its long-standing corporate responsibility programme with the Group’s goals. Embedding sustainability throughout British American Tobacco Malaysia’s operations is not an overnight process, but is part of a long-term business strategy. The process is being driven by the company’s Productivity Drive team and newly formed Sustainability team.

Productivity Drive team

The Productivity Drive team was formed in early 2010 with the objective of optimising the company’s resources and improving its efficiency. Some of the strategic initiatives to improve the company’s commercial performance have also resulted in social and environmental benefits.

Initiatives are proposed and discussed during monthly team meetings. The initiatives introduced by the team to date include:

  • Requiring all company vehicles to run on low carbon RON95 petrol which not only produces cleaner emissions but will also result in an estimated cost saving of MYR50,000 (£10,051) per annum.
  • Replacing bottled water for offices with water dispensing units, saving 630kg of waste plastic and an estimated MYR16,000 (£3,217) per annum.
  • Switching all non-essential lighting off after 8pm every day. Employees are also urged to switch off the lights and air conditioning units as they leave. The company’s electricity consumption is expected to reduce by an estimated 182MWh over a 12-month period and its annual carbon dioxide emissions are expected to decrease by approximately 100 tonnes.
  • Switching from acrylic to paper-based materials for use in youth smoking prevention campaigns. This will result in expected savings of approximately MYR40,000 (£8,041) and this will allow for recycling at the end of their useful life.

Sustainability team

In late 2010, British American Tobacco Malaysia formed a Sustainability team to support and to go beyond the Productivity Drive team’s focus on efficiencies, with the following objectives:

  • To monitor and uphold current initiatives, ensuring that they are in line with the Group’s sustainability objectives;
  • To identify and implement sustainable ideas and adopt best practices in commercial sustainability; and
  • To ascertain whether current initiatives are truly sustainable from economic, social and environmental perspectives.

The team includes representatives from each business function. Ideas developed by the team are presented to British American Tobacco Malaysia’s CSR Committee for approval.