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Sustainability Report 2010

British American Tobacco Malaysia ranks among the top 25 companies on the Malaysian Stock Exchange by market capitalisation. The entities that now make up the company go as far back as 1912. With approximately 60 per cent market share, the company employs around 1,600 people across all areas of our business, from leaf buying through to distribution.

British American Tobacco Malaysia has a long-standing programme of corporate responsibility, including initiatives addressing community, environment, workplace and marketplace issues. In 2010, it contributed MYR 2 million (£409,000) in corporate social investment.


Malaysia’s performance against some of our key measures can been seen in its balanced scorecard. The company has achieved the Group target of 100 per cent adherence to our International Marketing Standards. It has also outperformed the Group targets for recycling and waste sent to landfill, as well as being the top-performing market, along with Germany in the nine markets featured, for the lowest level of waste sent to landfill, at 0.001 tonnes per million cigarettes equivalent. For youth smoking prevention, the company is also running a programme focused on retail access prevention.

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