british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2010 - Sustainability workshops in Germany

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Sustainability Report 2010

In 2009, British American Tobacco Germany undertook a materiality analysis, using the Group methodology, to identify the issues of most concern to the business and its stakeholders.

The analysis began with the local CSR Committee mapping issues onto a matrix, with each one positioned according to its perceived level of concern to stakeholders and its current or potential impact on the company.

The results of this analysis were then presented for comment at a dialogue session with stakeholders from science, media, society and business. This resulted in the final list of material issues for British American Tobacco Germany.

Once the priority issues had been identified, sustainability workshops were held in 2010 with different areas of the business to devise sustainability goals for each area.

At each workshop, external specialists presented information on the issues to put them in context and stimulate discussion. The employees then split into smaller groups to devise sustainability goals for their departments, which were then discussed and prioritised by the group. Each department later presented its results for discussion to the British American Tobacco Germany CSR Committee meeting.

In this way, the various departments within the business have jointly developed a comprehensive sustainability programme for British American Tobacco Germany, which will be published on its company website in early 2011. It is intended for this programme to contribute significantly to achieving the Group’s sustainability goals.

Involving departments and employees in this process has helped to embed sustainability into all areas of the business, generating a clearer understanding of the business value and ownership of goals.

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