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Sustainability Report 2010

Our subsidiary Imperial Tobacco Canada is the leading tobacco company in Canada and has been a contributor to the Canadian economy for over 100 years. It has more than 700 employees across the country in sales offices and at its Montreal head office, and distributes its products to some 35,000 retailers. In 2010, the company contributed C$515,000 (£324,000) in corporate social investment.

Imperial Tobacco Canada plays an active role in attempts to raise awareness about the extent of the illegal tobacco trade in the country and its social consequences, which you can read about on the following page on tackling illicit trade. The company also has a number of other sustainability initiatives in place, a recent example of which is the introduction of hybrid cars into its car fleet.


Canada’s performance against some of our key measures can been seen in its balanced scorecard. The company has achieved the Group target of 100 per cent adherence to our International Marketing Standards. It has also outperformed the Group target for water use, as well as being the top-performing market, out of the nine featured, with the lowest levels of water use at 0.73 cubic metres per million cigarettes equivalent sold.

For youth smoking prevention, the company is running a programme focused on age verification, as well as engaging with the government to improve measures to help prevent underage access to tobacco.