british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2010 - People and culture at Souza Cruz

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Sustainability Report 2010
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As part of its sustainability programme, Souza Cruz’s approach to people and culture includes the following:

Employer reputation

In 2008, the company was one of the first in the Group to incorporate our employer proposition as a way of describing British American Tobacco to current and prospective employees. This included some employees taking on the part-time role of ambassador, to represent the company internally and externally at recruitment events.

The employer proposition has been widely used by the company at events, fairs and within all of the company’s recruitment activities. All recruitment consultancies used by the company are also aligned to this approach. It has helped to establish a clear identity for Souza Cruz as a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Learning and development

Souza Cruz has a number of career development programmes for employees. As well as providing training and workshops, the company encourages employees to participate in multi-functional projects that foster the development of leadership capabilities and other skills.

Souza Cruz also has an Employee University Development Programme and an Enterprise Management Programme for developing non-management grades.

As part of the Employee University Development Programme, the company encourages employees to complete their higher education by paying 50 per cent of their monthly university tuition fees.

The Enterprise Management Programme, originally for management employees, was adapted to help non-management employees’ development.


Souza Cruz supports the career development of its talented female managers, with a view to increasing the proportion of women in senior management positions. In 2010, 24 per cent of managerial positions in the company were held by women. This percentage falls significantly at higher grades, but the appointment of a woman to the company’s Executive Board in 2010 was a positive step. Souza Cruz recognises though that there still remains much to be done.

The company increased its efforts to adapt its premises in 2010 to ensure easy access for the disabled. Examples include modifying lifts and bathrooms for wheelchair users; fitting textured floors that allow easy recognition of areas for the visually impaired; installing fire warning lights for people with hearing difficulties; and adding voice synthesiser software to some IT equipment. As well as providing better working conditions for the company’s disabled employees, these measures also raise awareness of disability issues among its other employees.

The company’s Young Apprentice Programme welcomes applications from people with disabilities. It helps successful applicants develop their skills and showcase their potential, with the opportunity to join the permanent staff, should they wish to do so.

Although these are only initial steps, Souza Cruz is focused on creating an inclusive culture. It recognises that a diverse workforce can bring business benefits and contribute to corporate growth.