british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2010 - Logistics

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Sustainability Report 2010

We have an opportunity to improve fuel efficiency and reduce both environmental impacts and costs. However, this requires cooperation with a complex network of logistics and other partners around the world.

logisticsWe are piloting a number of initiatives in Western Europe with DHL, our logistics partner, including trialling an aerodynamic haulage trailer and an energy and CO2e assessment for the logistics network operating to and from a warehouse in the Netherlands. Results from the first trial of the trailer, on a high-volume route in Germany in 2010, show a 5.9 per cent reduction in CO2e emissions. We are currently investigating route planning and changes to the vehicle design to achieve further reductions.

Trade Marketing & Distribution

Our Trade Marketing & Distribution is responsible for the delivery of our products to retail customers and, in 2010, we rolled out the first phase of our plan to improve fuel efficiency. This included developing a scorecard of fuel consumption data to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement. We also trialled a driver training programme with positive results, which is now being incorporated into the global fuel efficiency programme.

Logistics: what's next?

We will roll out our energy and CO2e assessments for warehouses across the Group, as well as our global programme to improve fuel efficiency in Trade Marketing & Distribution.