british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2010 - 2011 harm reduction goals

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Sustainability Report 2010

For addressing the scientific challenges

  • Publish details of the technologies used in the combustible prototype products assessed in our 2009 clinical study by mid 2011;
  • Validate and submit for publication details of a series of laboratory models of diseases, such as cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and cardiovascular disease, as well as the biological processes of inflammation and oxidative stress by end 2011;
  • Work with our External Scientific Panel on the design of a longer clinical study of biomarkers of exposure to tobacco smoke toxicants and biomarkers of biological effect by end 2011;
  • Develop more sophisticated methods for analysing the biologically relevant dose of various tobacco smoke toxicants and use the information to develop better computational toxicological methods by end 2011; and
  • Implement our reinvigorated biotechnology programme and submit the latest results of the research for publication by end 2011.

For sustained engagement

  • Engage externally to build support for a broader approach to tobacco harm reduction;
  • Work with the External Scientific Panel which continues give us important input in developing our scientific research programme;
  • Present our scientific findings at international conferences and maintain or increase our publications in peer-reviewed journals by end 2011;
  • Continue to increase the profile of our scientific research in the development of potential reduced-exposure products (PREPs) and the development of our PREP assessment framework; and
  • Further improve Opens in new window to facilitate greater input from the external scientific community into our scientific research programme by end 2011. 

For smokeless tobacco

  • Review our approach to snus test marketing by end 2011; and
  • Engage widely on the role that a regulated form of smokeless tobacco could play in a harm reduction strategy to reduce the public health impacts of smoking.
£117 million
R&D expenditure in 2010

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