british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2010 - Our approach

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Sustainability Report 2010
We apply a rigorous approach to our reporting processes – helping us to meet greater demands for corporate transparency.
Our approach

Our process for stakeholder engagement includes independently assured and facilitated dialogue sessions and is based on the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES). We also have long-term partnerships, such as our Biodiversity Partnership and the Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing Foundation. These complement our day-to-day engagement, such as with suppliers and regulators, as well as surveys with our employees and customers to seek feedback and help identify opportunities for improvement.

We used a materiality test to define our sustainability agenda – which covers the five pillars of harm reduction, marketplace, environment, supply chain and people and culture – those topics identified as being of high interest to stakeholders and high current or potential impact on the business.

In these pages we provide details of our policies, principles and standards, such as our Standards of Business Conduct, which apply to all our businesses and employees and provide clear and practical guidance on topics including whistleblowing and bribery and corruption.

Effective governance is critical to ensuring that we live up to our principles and standards and also that we deliver on our sustainability agenda. Group CSR performance is monitored through a Board CSR Committee and at regional and local levels through combined audit and CSR committees. We also follow a robust methodology for our reporting processes.

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