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Sustainability Report 2010

Our opportunity

Leading the industry in the area of marketplace responsibility demonstrates our credibility and encourages stakeholder organisations to engage with us.

The challenge

If we operate responsibly while some of our competitors do not, there is no level playing field. How do we create competitive advantage while maintaining higher standards?

We will take a lead in upholding high standards of corporate conduct within our marketplace.


2010 progress in brief

We have continued to coordinate a consistent approach to key regulatory issues by our companies and our global approach to youth smoking prevention was rolled out across the Group. We are also piloting a system to strengthen supply chain security and have entered into a cooperation agreement with the European Commission to tackle illicit trade in tobacco.


Our marketplace

Over a billion adults use tobacco products. We do not seek to increase the total number of smokers but to grow the size and value of our market share among existing adult consumers.

Given the health impacts of tobacco, we agree that the industry should be regulated appropriately. We always aim to demonstrate high standards of corporate conduct and to act responsibly.

Acting responsibly means focusing on a number of areas including:

  • Engaging on how our industry is regulated;
  • Our marketing practices and preventing underage access to tobacco; and
  • Tackling illicit trade in tobacco products.

Questions and feedback

In Stakeholders' challenging questions, we have answered some of the more difficult questions our stakeholders ask, such as can we be responsible when we need to compete? If you have a question you would like to see answered in a future Report or have any feedback or comments on our marketplace issues, please email us at

Material issues

How we determine which issues are material to our business and stakeholders:
This online report covers issues most material to our business and stakeholders.
Issues of partial interest or impact to our business or stakeholders can be found on our website.
Not reported
We do not cover topics that have already been addressed and are no longer raised by stakeholders, issues we cannot influence and those that do not have a significant impact on the business.