british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2009 - International Marketing Standards in Malaysia


The tobacco control laws in Malaysia include a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertisements and promotion. Recent amendments to this legislation included a requirement for pictorial health warnings and a ban on selling tobacco products with non-tobacco products.

These amendments go beyond some of the requirements of our voluntary International Marketing Standards (IMS) and British American Tobacco Malaysia will adhere to the new regulations. However, other IMS provisions are still applicable, including the standards on direct consumer contact, age verification procedures and the application of health warnings on all tobacco product brand communications.

To avoid any confusion and to help ensure continued application of the IMS after the changes to the law, British American Tobacco Malaysia ran further training for brand and trade marketing managers. The company also has an approval process for its marketing activities before they are launched to help ensure that they not only comply with local legislation but also adhere to the IMS.

Examples of where adherence to our IMS has gone beyond legal compliance in Malaysia include placing health warnings on pack inserts, point of sale merchandising units and materials for communicating with the trade. The company’s consumer call centre also adheres to the IMS by giving verbal health warnings to callers and using age verification procedures.

In the last two years, British American Tobacco Malaysia has had no incidents of non-adherence to the IMS and it is committed to ensuring that this remains the case.