british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2009 - Sustainability in our companies

South Africa
South Korea

The following pages provide details of sustainability performance and activities of our companies in nine of our largest markets. In the past they have all produced their own local Social or Sustainability Reports. However, as British American Tobacco reporting has evolved and we are seeing a greater alignment throughout the Group, this approach is no longer the most appropriate. We have therefore decided to produce one Sustainability Report for the Group. This is why, for the first time, this Report includes balanced scorecards and examples of sustainability activities for these businesses in nine of our largest markets.

Not producing local reports will free up time and resources to concentrate on the implementation of sustainability initiatives. Our local companies will also continue to engage with stakeholders to help shape their local sustainability plans and initiatives.

We aim to work with our companies in our largest markets to drive sustainability in our business, evolving best practice that can then be adopted across other markets. We believe this will create a more globally integrated approach to the development of our sustainability agenda.

Here you can find information for each of the nine businesses, including examples of some of their sustainability initiatives and a balanced scorecard. This shows local data for some of our key performance measures across the marketplace, environment, and people and culture areas of our sustainability agenda. We do not currently have a comparable quantitative measure for our efforts in harm reduction or for supply chain at a local level.

For an overview of all stakeholder dialogue sessions held in 2009, please see Stakeholder dialogue around the Group.

You can view balanced scorecards for our regions in the Sustainability in our regions section and can compare data across each measure in the Data comparator.