british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2009 - Spotlight on Turkey


Promoting safety at the Samsun factory

Since we acquired the cigarette assets of Tekel in 2008, including the Samsun cigarette factory, the local management has implemented the Group’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy, bringing in significant changes to the working environment at the factory. A proactive approach to safety has been adopted and each individual has been encouraged to take personal responsibility for contributing to the company’s goal of zero accidents. However, Volkan Oruk, manager of the Samsun factory, acknowledges that the transformation to our standards was challenging: “We have been through some hard times. In one year, however, we’ve achieved unbelievable success.”

The integration of safety as part of employees’ daily duties has had knock-on effects across the factory. Ismail Katacya, one of the machinery technicians, points out that: “Quality changed and so did working conditions, workplace cleanliness and tidiness.”

The ultimate goal is zero accidents and each month without an incident is recognised as a milestone. When accidents do occur, root cause analysis is carried out immediately and corrective actions are put in place to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future. EHS is now a key agenda item in the bi-weekly management meetings.

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