british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2009 - People and culture


We will work to ensure we have the right people and culture to meet our goals.

Who would want to work for a tobacco company anyway?

We recruit people who enjoy working in a challenging environment and a culturally diverse organisation. We also work hard to provide a workplace culture in which people can thrive and reach their potential. 

2009 progress in brief

We have worked to describe British American Tobacco in a more compelling way to potential employees, and this is being implemented globally. We have taken action to address some of the shortcomings that were highlighted in our most recent employee survey and we have also reviewed our approach to human rights which includes closely monitoring our businesses that operate in countries that are of concern to stakeholders.

Our 2010 goals

For attracting, developing and retaining the right people
  • Continue to roll out our employer proposition to other countries during 2010;
  • Introduce globally aligned standards for recruitment by end 2010;
  • In each of our business units, we aim to have at least one local successor ready in the short term for each senior position and two local successors ready in the long term (this goal is expressed as 1:1:2);
  • Aim to have a 70:30 ratio of local to expatriate senior managers at business unit level;
  • Carry out a full review of our learning and development programme for managers at global, regional and local levels by end 2010; and
  • Actively manage the career progress of our senior female managers.

For creating the right environment

  • Develop plans to help our employees remain engaged and motivated during periods of organisational change;
  • Our aim is to have a global Lost Workday Case Incident Rate in the range of 0.1–0.2. The specific local target set for all our companies is zero accidents; and
  • Implement our plan to reduce vehicle-related injuries in our Trade Marketing & Distribution teams by end 2011.

For human rights

  • Encourage our companies to develop a more consistent approach to addressing human rights and other sustainability issues in their agreements with local suppliers and business partners.
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