british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2009 - Materiality review 2009


In 2009, we reviewed the results of our materiality test, particularly in view of our shift from local reporting to a single Sustainability Report for the Group. The process comprised two assessments.

MaterialityFirstly, to identify any new issues for consideration, we reviewed the Group Risk Register, along with minutes from the 2009 regional audit and CSR committee meetings and from stakeholder dialogue held during 2008–2009.

Secondly, we mapped the new issues onto our materiality matrix according to their current or potential impact on the Group and their level of interest to stakeholders.

The review of the Group Risk Register and the minutes from the committees’ meetings highlighted no sustainability related risks that are not currently captured within our sustainability agenda.

The review of the minutes from dialogue revealed a number of issues which in some cases had been reported online, but were not currently reported explicitly within the Sustainability Report. We then used the services of the member organisation Business for Social Responsibility to review our conclusions. As a result, we now cover HIV/AIDS and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in this Report. You will find links to public place smoking, cigarette butt litter and community investment in relevant sections of the Report.