british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2009 - Board CSR Committee activities 2009


CSR CommitteeIn 2009, the frequency of scheduled Board CSR Committee meetings increased from two to three yearly. This reflects the Committee’s expanded remit following the revision of its terms of reference in December 2008, and enables greater continuity between meetings. Additional meetings are held as appropriate.

The Committee reviews its effectiveness as part of the Board evaluation process. In 2009, the Committee concluded that there had been a significant improvement over the year following the development of a more focused framework for agenda setting and debate. The Committee requested more in-depth briefings on CSR issues and will work in 2010 towards developing a better understanding of the benefits being delivered by the Group’s approach to CSR. 

Key activities of the CSR Committee in 2009

The CSR Committee met four times in 2009. The items it considered included:

  • The p.l.c. Sustainability Report for 2008;
  • The improved approach to sustainability reporting, to be incorporated in the 2009 Report, and progress against the targets and commitments set out in the 2008 Report;
  • The management of key reputational risks and related risk mitigation plans;
  • Human rights and related issues, youth smoking prevention initiatives and environmental, health and safety measures;
  • The Group’s corporate social investment activities; and
  • Adherence to the Group’s International Marketing Standards.