sustainability report 2008 - Engagement and materiality

Sustainability Report 2008
In 2007, we decided to review the issues that had been raised in dialogue with our companies internationally since 2001. A total of 76 issues across 14 categories were identified. In order to establish which were the most significant, we developed a three-stage process – the outputs of which we consider to still be valid for the current reporting period.

In stage one, the issues were mapped onto a matrix, categorising each one according to its level of concern to stakeholders and its current or potential impact on the Group.
Stage two involved a period of internal consultation with regional teams and senior functional managers in the relevant areas, such as our Head of Environment, Health and Safety, as well as the Management Board and the Board CSR Committee. From this, we generated a reduced list of issues which, in the third stage of the process, we presented for comment at a dialogue session on sustainability.
The result was the development of five goals which we felt addressed our most material issues in the areas of: harm reduction, marketplace, supply chain, environment, and people and culture. The goals in these five areas comprise our sustainability agenda.
In addition to our sustainability agenda, we have also continued our activities in other social, environmental and economic areas, which are reported at Opens new window.

Our sustainability agenda

Our sustainability agenda comprises five key goals that cover all areas of the Group strategy. It is an integral part of delivering this strategy:

Harm reduction
We will strive to bring commercially viable, consumer acceptable reduced-risk products to market.
We will take a lead in upholding high standards of corporate conduct within our marketplace.
Supply chain
We will work for positive social, environmental and economic impacts in our supply chain.
We will actively address the impacts of our business on the natural environment.
People and culture
We will work to ensure we have the right people in the right environment to deliver our vision.
You can read about our community investment activities at
You can read about our views on public place smoking at
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