sustainability report 2008 - Progress against goals

Sustainability Report 2008


Progressing on track  Progressing on track
Completed  Completed
Not met Not met
2008 goals and commitmentsStatus2009 goals and commitmentsDeadline
Continue to address the scientific challenges that might eventually lead to developing a potentially reduced-risk cigarette.Progressing on trackContinue to develop and validate scientifically meaningful measurements for exposure to tobacco smoke toxicants and to investigate how we might measure potential harm.Ongoing
Conduct our first clinical study of a combustible prototype product that in smoking machine tests produces lower levels of certain smoke toxicants compared to conventional cigarettes.End 2009
Continue to engage with regulators and the scientific community.Progressing on trackContinue to develop and update our scientific website, Opens new window.Ongoing
Work with our External Scientific Panel to help inform our scientific research programme. Ongoing
Continue to present our scientific research at international conferences and publish it in peer-reviewed journals.Ongoing
Continue to test market smokeless tobacco products.Progressing on trackContinue with two snus test markets where snus was not an existing category and aim to expand to a further test market.End 2010
Continue to engage with regulators and scientific, medical and public health stakeholders on the potential contribution snus could make in reducing the overall public health impact of tobacco use.Ongoing
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