british american tobacco p.l.c. annual report 2008 - Growth

British American Tobacco p.l.c. Annual Report 2008
A British American Tobacco Turkey trade marketing representative delivers cigarettes to an independent retailer in Istanbul. Direct Store Sales like this give us more control over distribution, help to strengthen our retailer relationships and improve our access to market information.

Organic growth means increasing our market share in existing markets and entering new markets. To achieve organic growth, we focus on key market segments that offer the best long-term prospects, including premium and international brands.

We also aim to optimise the performance of our Global Drive Brands and seek opportunities for profitable volume growth in the value-for-money and low-price segments. We see innovative products that offer consumers meaningful, value-added differentiation as key to organic growth.

Strategically important and financially attractive mergers and acquisitions can also provide us with growth opportunities.

Our Global Drive Brands grew by 16 per cent in 2008 and we continue to have a strong brand balance across price segments and geographies. Successful acquisitions have also helped us raise our market share in key markets.

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