bat sustainability report 2007 - Marketplace

We will take a lead in upholding high standards of corporate conduct within our marketplace 
Acting responsibly within our marketplace is critical

What is the issue?

We work hard to market our products in an appropriate way. The controversial nature of our products and related stakeholder concerns pose some particular challenges.

These include:

  • How our products are sold, our marketing practices and the issue of preventing underage access;
  • Our efforts to combat illicit trade in tobacco products;
  • How marketing of our products is regulated and how we engage with regulators.

Stakeholders agreed in dialogue that these marketplace issues were the most significant. Stakeholders encouraged us to focus more on these topics, rather than trying to cover a wider range of marketplace issues.

Why is it important?

Acting responsibly within our marketplace is critical to building the trust of stakeholders. Given the controversial nature of the products we sell, we recognise the need to demonstrate high standards of corporate conduct and to act in a transparent and responsible way within our marketplace. Not doing so could seriously impact on our business sustainability.

What are we doing about it?

  • We will continue working to ensure adherence by Group companies to our updated International Marketing Standards; 
  • We are also considering how we might develop further measures of adherence throughout the business to reassure both ourselves and our stakeholders; 
  • We will increase awareness amongst our retailers of minimum age laws for tobacco sales in countries where such laws exist;
  • We will continue to support the introduction of an age-18 minimum age law for sales of tobacco products where a law does not currently exist;
  • We will work with stakeholders and other third parties to consider the development of further performance measures for our Youth Smoking Prevention (YSP) activity;
  • We will increase the numbers of countries where we are actively collaborating with enforcement authorities on tackling illicit trade;
  • We will undertake external dialogue with key stakeholders to seek feedback on our approach to tackling illicit trade;
  • We will continue to publish on and elsewhere, the views and positions we advocate to regulators on these and other significant topics.
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