Employee diversity and opinion


Goal: Significantly increase the representation of women and focus nationalities in senior management by 2020.

Percentage of women1

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
All employees Group-wide 24% 24% 27% 22% 24%
All non-management employees 22% 22% 25% 19% 20%
All management employees 32% 32% 33% 33% 34%
Senior management (G38+) 13% 14% 16% 16% 21%
Main Board 27% 30% 31% 27% 31%

Over the last few years, we have made significant progress with female representation at senior level. When we revised our focus on diversity in 2012, we started with a low base of 11% female representation in senior roles, due to the historical industry characteristics. In the last six years we’ve grown this significantly and now have 21% female representation at senior level.

This progress has been driven by a range of initiatives, including our highly regarded Women in Leadership programme, which supported 145 delegates on their development and career progression. Our regions and markets also work to progress the global diversity strategy through on-the-ground initiatives relevant to local cultures and contexts.

We’ve made good progress, but are not yet satisfied and will continue to press hard to improve our representation of senior women across the Group.

Focus nationalities

Percentage of focus nationalities in senior management grades

  2014 2015 2016 2017
  17% 18% 19% 20%

Operating in more than 200 markets, we already have a very diverse workforce in terms of nationality. In 2017, we had 143 nationalities working in management globally, and 20% of our senior management roles were filled by people from our focus nationalities.

1 Data for 2017 figures includes data from Reynolds American Inc., to ensure alignment with the gender diversity reporting in our 2017 Annual Report. For year-on-year comparison with historical data, excluding RAI, these are: 23% for Group employees, 20% for non-management grades, 34% for management grades, and 19% for senior management grades.

Employee engagement 'Your Voice' survey

In 2017, we ran the Group’s global employee survey, known as ‘Your Voice’. The survey had a response rate of 95% – 10 percentage points higher than the average for this type of survey. An 83% score was achieved in the Engagement Index, which measures employee satisfaction – 12% higher than the FMCG comparator norm of 71%. This conveys the pride which many employees have in working for us and is demonstrated by our employee turnover continuing to stay below comparator benchmarks.

We use feedback from our surveys, alongside other initiatives, to address areas of improvement, and provide a workplace that will enable people to develop and contribute to the Group’s success in the years ahead. See GRI indicator LA1 for our employee turnover data.

      % favourable scores Difference from benchmark
Engagement index     83 12
High performance index     81 9
Leadership and strategy     82 7
People management     79 21
Communications     77 9
Consumer focus / growth     78 10
Corporate responsibility     87 n/a
Diversity and inclusion     81 16
Reward and recognition     72 10
Sustainability / productivity     73 11
Talent development     72 12
Winning organisation     86 6
* The FMCG comparator benchmark is not available for the Corporate Responsibility category.

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