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BAT: a Top Employer in Asia Pacific

Top Employer certification in five countries across the region recognises ‘outstanding policies and practices offered to employees’

Read article 15 December 2017
We are BAT - focus on Bangladesh

We are BAT - Bangladesh

Our work to provide a village with better access to safe drinking water is the focus of the second follow-up to our company video, We are BAT.

Watch video 13 November 2017
The 'We are BAT' video journey we started earlier this year continues as we take you to Bangladesh to highlight the work being done to provide a village farming community in Kushtia with better access to safe drinking water.

In the original film, we heard from one of BAT’s contracted farmers, Abdul, about the benefits of the “Probaho” clean water initiative. We now go back to the same community and hear from Zunaeed, Regional Leaf Manager for BAT Bangladesh, who highlights the effect of the initiative on the people of Kushtia.

Launched in 2009, Probaho helps to ensure 170,000 people a day in Bangladesh benefit from better access to safe drinking water, thanks to 65 new water filtration plants we have installed.

“I am very much proud to be part of BAT Bangladesh,” says Zunaeed. “Having a legacy of more than 100 years, contributing to almost 33,000 farming families, to improve their livelihood and economic development.” He adds: “We are helping the farmers to build a better and safer world.”

The Probaho project has had a huge impact on those responsible for collecting the family’s water each day who no longer have to travel long distances. Shahanaj is a resident of Kushtia and teacher at the school she attended as a child. She says: “The people in my neighbourhood are happier now.”

The Probaho initiative also features in our brand-new Focus Report on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods. Download it to learn more about how we support the 350,000+ farmers we work with in 34 countries to help them thrive.

You can see our first follow-up video, focusing on two members of our Trade Marketing and Distribution team in Johannesburg, South Africa, here.

NGP progress showcased at Capital Markets Day

We were proud to showcase our commitment to and progress in Next Generation Products (NGP) at a Capital Markets Day for investors and analysts on 25 October.

Read article 25 October 2017

Did you know?

Over US$1 billion

invested in our Next Generation Product business over the last five years.

BAT: a Top Employer in Africa

We’re proud to have been recognised as a Top Employer Africa 2018.

Read article 17 October 2017
Elite award for Reynolds American

RAI among employee engagement ‘elite’

Award recognises top employers that display leadership and innovation in engaging their workforces

Read article 4 October 2017
We are BAT – focus on South Africa

We are BAT - South Africa

In a follow-up to our company video, employees in South Africa share their experiences of working for BAT.

Watch video 7 September 2017
Earlier this year, we launched our company video, We are BAT. The video aimed to show the world what a modern, 21st century tobacco company looks like by shining a spotlight on some of the people who help make us the organisation we are today.

One of the stories we heard in the original We Are BAT film was from a sales representative in South Africa, who told the cameras: “I feel like the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve.”

And in our follow-up video we hear from two fellow members of our Trade Marketing and Distribution team in Johannesburg, who talk about the opportunities for professional development that come with working for BAT.

Through their story, we hope you’ll get a sense of the incredible teamwork, camaraderie and passion that goes into making us a progressive company that’s proud of its heritage and excited about the future.

PTC lights up 3,000 lives

BAT brings light to 3,000 lives in Pakistan

How Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC), has brought the gift of light to a remote village.

Watch video 31 March 2017
Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC), our subsidiary in Pakistan, has brought light to a remote village in the north west of the country. PTC partnered with the government of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to provide solar energy kits for around 3,000 people in the village of Peerano Bala. Nestled in a valley between two mountains, Peerano Bala is cut off from proper roads and has always been without electricity. PTC sources a large proportion of its tobacco from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and this initiative is an example of its commitment to give back to the communities in which it operates. The impact of the project is demonstrated in this video.

Opening the doors to a flagship store

Take a look inside our world-first Vype store in Milan.

Read article 24 March 2017
BAT Grad

Glad grads

Graduates who touched down in London in February to take part in our first ever Graduate Academy tell us why they were excited to be there.

Watch video 20 March 2017
Graduates from around the world who touched down in London in February to take part in BAT’s first ever Graduate Academy tell us why they were excited to be there.

The action-packed two-week academy is the formal learning element of our Global Graduate Programme to develop a next generation of leaders for BAT. More than 50 graduates – representing 18 different nationalities – took part in the Academy. Before flying in for ten days of stretch and challenge, they were asked to submit videos on what excited them most about taking part in the Academy. Within hours the videos came streaming in, shot with background views that reflected the diversity of the graduate’s end markets: from white-sand beaches to glass-walled cityscapes. Common themes include being excited about meeting new people, engaging with senior leaders – including our Chief Executive and HR Director – and building international networks.

Learn more about our Global Graduate Programme at bat-careers.com.
Sustainability report 2016

Responding to a changing world

We’re a forward-looking business responding to a changing world. Find out how in our Sustainability Report 2016.

View report 13 March 2017
Annual report

Your 90-second guide to BAT

Watch a 90-second video about our business – our performance, our products, our people and our strategy.

Watch video 13 March 2017
Produced to feature in an interactive version of our Annual Report 2016, this 90-second animation is a quick and simple introduction to our business – our performance, our products, our people and our strategy. Blended together, we believe they provide a winning mix which enables us to, year-on-year, deliver today while investing in tomorrow.

To find out more about our business and our performance in 2016, take a look at an interactive version of our annual report in our Annual Reporting section.

Did you know?

Around 50,000

people are employed by BAT worldwide.

Bangladesh women's awards

Inspiring women in Bangladesh

BAT Bangladesh had extra reason to celebrate on International Women’s Day

Read article 9 March 2017

We’re proud to be a top employer

We’ve once again been named as a Top Employer in countries worldwide in 2017.

Read article 28 February 2017

Did you know?

One in eight

of the world’s one billion adult smokers choose the cigarettes we make.

Harm reduction

In focus: harm reduction

Read about our clear commitment and approach to harm reduction in this special Focus Report.

View report 23 February 2017

Did you know?

Over £60 million

invested each year in farmer support.

We are BAT – our company video

We are BAT – our company video

The people who help make us the company we are today take centre stage in our company video, We are BAT.

Watch video 30 January 2017

The video presents our business through the eyes of our employees and those we work with and support around the world.

We believe their stories show who we are: a progressive company that’s proud of its heritage and excited about the future

Produced during 2016, We are BAT was filmed in five locations in four continents. It features people living different lives in diverse countries but who share a common pride and commitment in what they do.

You’ll hear from BAT scientists in the UK involved in developing a next generation of potentially less harmful nicotine products; a sales representative supporting retailers in South Africa; and a farmer in Brazil whose family has been supplying us with tobacco for three generations.

Also featured is a community in Bangladesh which has access to clean drinking water thanks to a water purification plant provided by BAT, while we also hear the thoughts of a management trainee embarking on a career with our company.

We’re proud of the video and the people who took part in it. It’s through their words that we aim to show some of the ways we are contributing to the livelihoods of people around the world and meeting the evolving needs of our consumers with innovative Next Generation Products.

BAT tops good governance ranking

BAT tops 2016 good governance ranking

The Institute of Directors’ 2016 Good Governance Report names BAT as the best among UK-listed FTSE 100 companies for corporate governance.

Watch video 09 September 2016
Our commitment to high standards of corporate governance was reflected in our Number 1 ranking in a prestigious index of FTSE 100 companies. In September 2016, The Institute of Directors’ (IoD) 2016 Good Governance Report named us as the best among UK-listed FTSE 100 companies in terms of corporate governance performance. In this video clip, Oliver Parry, Head of Corporate Governance Policy at the IoD, talks to Ian King of Sky News about our top ranking. The clip is from Ian King Live, broadcast on 7 September 2016.

We Are BAT

We are proud of our heritage and of our continuing success today – and we are excited about our future.

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