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From crop to consumer

A responsible approach to doing business



Tobacco is grown in more than 100 countries. We work with tobacco farmers and other suppliers to promote high ethical, environmental and workplace standards across our supply chain. And we report publicly on our progress on this website.


Manufacturing tobacco products is a large-scale operation and we have 44 cigarette factories in 42 countries. As well as tobacco leaf, we purchase a wide variety of other goods and services from suppliers and we encourage continuous improvements in business practices. Quality is our top priority.


We make significant investment into the development of our products and packaging innovations, as well as into research and development for less harmful alternatives to conventional cigarettes. These innovations vary across our brands and our markets, and our approach enables our companies to adapt their offerings to meet local needs.


The health risks of tobacco use rightly demand considerable responsibility in marketing. Laws and our own extensive International Marketing Principles ensure high standards are upheld. For example, we never use product placement even if the local law allows it.


Retailers’ large and small are our vital business partners and we have over 20,000 trade marketing and distribution staff. Our routes to market allow us to quickly roll out innovations around the world and to fully meet consumer demand. Direct to store sales help us to build even better relationships with retailers.


If you’re an adult smoker, you are at the centre of our business and our strategy. We invest in understanding your preferences – taste, price and where and how you like to buy. Only by meeting your needs can we hope to keep your loyalty or persuade you away from competitors’ brands.