Scope of our sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods data

All data relates to the BAT Group and covers the calendar year 1st January to 31st December. Details of the source and scope for each of our key metrics are provided below:

Definition Scope
Supplier standards

The data provided currently covers the average percentage of our first-tier tobacco leaf suppliers' annual self-assessment scores for our previous Social Responsibility in Tobacco Production (SRTP) programme for the following categories from 2011-2015:

  • Social responsibility policy
  • Agronomy: field
  • Agronomy: natural resources management
  • Tobacco processing
  • Socio-economic factors
  • Activities to prevent child labour

We will publish suppliers’ scores for the new industry-wide Sustainable Tobacco Programme, introduced in June 2016, following the first full year of implementation.

100% of first-tier tobacco leaf suppliers to the BAT Group.

First-tier suppliers are those companies from which we purchase tobacco leaf that, in turn, source from a large farmer base. These include BAT-owned companies, which directly contract over 90,000 farmers, and third-party suppliers, which contract their own farmers.

Wood fuel sources

Percentage of wood used by our contracted farmers for curing fuels from sustainable or unsustainable sources.

Sustainable wood sources are defined as: wood resources harvested legally from planted sources in such a way that does not cause any detrimental social, environmental or economic impact. This may include:

  • Wood sourced from identified invasive exotic species which have not been planted; and
  • Wood sourced from existing legal plantations.

This definition does not include conversion of natural forests to plantations in order to produce wood for tobacco curing.

Approximately 90,000 farmers contracted by BAT-owned tobacco leaf suppliers.

In some cases, where our operations contract a large number of farmers, farmer samples have been used.

This does not include wood fuel used by farmers from which our third-party suppliers source tobacco leaf.