Responsible marketing

International Marketing Principles

Number of cases of partial or non-adherence to International Marketing Principles* identified through market audits and self-assessments

2012 2013 2014 2015
14 8 3 2

*Our International Marketing Principles were introduced in 2013, replacing our previous International Marketing Standards.

For tobacco products, which pose such serious health risks, our marketing is governed by our International Marketing Principles (IMP) wherever they are sold around the world.

We monitor compliance to our IMP through market audits and annual self-assessments. In 2015, we found two cases of non-adherence (2014: three) and immediate actions were taken for each of these incidents as part of our commitment to 100% compliance.

Please see  for more information on our marketing principles.

Youth smoking prevention

Percentage of markets required to undertake youth smoking prevention activities that reported adherence to our global approach

2012 2013 2014 2015
98% 98% 99% 100%

We are committed to carrying out youth smoking prevention activities in all of our markets where feasible and permitted.

Sometimes we are unable to carry out this work, such as in countries where there is political instability, where we only operate through a distributor, or where we are prevented from doing so by local legislation – these represent 12.8% of our 2015 sales volumes.

In 2015, youth smoking prevention activities took place in 100% of our markets which were able to do so. These include lobbying for minimum age laws of 18 where none exist, and working with more than two million retailers worldwide by raising awareness of existing laws, providing training and advice on checking IDs, and supplying in-store posters and other materials.

Please see  for more information on our youth smoking prevention activities.

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