Progress against our previous Sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods goals

Progress against goals published in 2016

  • Status key:
  • On track
  • Completed
  • Partially met
  • Not met

  • Following the first full year of implementation, publish our suppliers’ aggregated STP scores from 2018
    On track to be published later in 2018

  • Aim for at least 70% of our spending on community investment activities in tobacco growing countries to be focused on sustainable agriculture each year
    This goal was successfully met in all our tobacco growing countries, except for five. In line with our Group Strategic Framework for Corporate Social Investment, each of these markets has valid reasons for focusing the majority of community investment in other areas. In one market, our business contributed to a government-mandated development fund. Three markets had long-term partnerships supporting the indigenous cultural heritage. Finally, in one market, funds were redirected to emergency disaster relief.

  • Eliminate use of unsustainable wood sources by our contracted farmers.
    In 2017, 99% of our contracted farmers wood fuel use was from sustainable sources. See our wood sources data chart for more details.

  • Develop action plans for the most pressing issues identified against our global sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods (SAFL) indicators by end 2017
    In 2017, the results of assessments for the industry Sustainable Tobacco Programme and our own Thrive SAFL programme, together with insights gathered by our Extension Services through regular visits and farm monitoring, have helped us form a comprehensive picture of any immediate issues relating to our standards and performance, as well as longer-term challenges and opportunities affecting the sustainability of farming communities. In response, each of our leaf operations, with support from our Leaf R&D and global experts, have developed an overarching action plan.

  • Report on performance of our SAFL programme by end 2018.
    In November 2017, we published our new Sustainable Agriculture Focus Report , which included detailed information on the performance of our Thrive SAFL programme