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British American Tobacco establishes stand-alone company, Nicoventures Limited

5 April 2011

British American Tobacco confirmed today that it has established a start-up company, Nicoventures Limited, that will focus exclusively on the development and commercialisation of innovative regulatory approved nicotine products.

Nicoventures, a stand-alone company which will be managed separately from the Group’s tobacco businesses, aims to provide adult smokers with a range of alternative products - currently unavailable on the market - that will offer them much of the experience they expect to get from a cigarette but without the real and serious health risks of smoking.

The creation of Nicoventures is a natural extension of British American Tobacco’s approach to tobacco harm reduction that has been developed over a number of years.

More about Nicoventures

The following article appeared in the Financial Times on 5 April 2011:

BAT aims to smoke out nicotine lovers who find cigarettes a drag (79 kb)


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